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The First Time – a book of 20th and 21st century music firsts by Nick Hamlyn 

Available for £25 + p&p (RRP is £35) 

During the one and a quarter centuries since recording began, entirely new kinds of music have been invented and within those genres, different variations have been explored. At the beginning of the twentieth century, jazz, the blues, and country had barely started. Rock music was still more than fifty years away. For music fans, the whole question as to who were the inventors and the innovators through the years, within the different musical forms is a matter of intense interest. Who was the first electric guitarist of synthesizer player? When did the charts begin? who invented sampling? What was the first progressive rock or heavy metal or funk record? This book seeks to provide the answers.

420 pages, hundreds of illustrations


The Golden Age Of Rock – Vol.1 1963-1968  by Nick Hamlyn

Available for £20 + p&p (RRP is £25)

As the pages in this book are turned, the panorama of new album releases, presented in chronological order, is gradually revealed, just as it actually was for open-minded music fans living through those years. The records themselves explain exactly why the years 1963 to 1976 can be considered 'golden'.  (Volumes 2 and 3 will continue the story through to the end of the period). Nearly 700 albums are reviewed in Volume One, and for each one there is a colour picture of the front cover, together with track and musician details. 

330 pages, hundreds of illustrations

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